Gold Coast ‘Exposed’ – The Best Dinner and Show Spots

Gold Coast has a very active nightlife which means that the city is not as quiet as you have imagined it to be. There are so many places that you could visit, shows that you must see with your very own eyes and restaurants where you can eat different delicacies. If you are the kind of person that is not so into with bar hopping and dancing in the nightclubs then you should be interested with shows and dining places that Gold Coast offers. Here are some of the few things that you should be able to visit and enjoy in the City of Gold Coast. Listed are the different shows that you must see and places where you can eat great food with short reviews of what to expect.

> Australian Outback Spectacular
If you will visit Australia, you should make it happen that you should watch one of the greatest shows on earth. One of the best shows right now – “Heroes of the Light Horse” which is jam-packed with the adventure that you wanted to find and Australian characters from actors to animals (horses). You will surely have a great and exciting time to watch it because the seats are circling the stage while you enjoy your food and watching the show as well. The meal is composed with 3 delicious courses inclusive of drinks.

> Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant
Dracula is one of the pioneering restaurants in the coast which has been over 15 year already as long as I can remember. Way back then it was smaller which replicates the aura of the dining room of the famous Dracula by the Rocky Picture Horror Show mansion. As the time went by, they have improved and owned a more spacious place where you will be greeted with different horror characters. All the restaurant staff is in character which makes you become lost in the surrealism of the place. Yet, enjoyment is promoted all throughout the night.

You will have to spend three to four hours in viewing the great shows on stage composed with musical performances as well as great audio/visual presentations that will fill you in with you stay in the restaurant. The place, technically speaking is well-designed and places you in a new place. The food is good while drinks are not included with the payment you have already made. Before the show was only for adults but right now, they have already promoted a new one called “Drax for Kids” which leaves the opportunity for children to watch their show. All in all, it is a great place to stay and spend your night with.

> Conrad Jupiters
This is the kind of place that levels with a Las Vegas show. Their show this year called Stomp has raised a lot of good feedback and reviews from the viewers which makes the tickets almost always sold out. There are different money values depending on your food choice for this place but Food Fantasy is one of the most recommended in terms with the food because they have the great ones. All you need to do is add $10 with the ticket and off you go through the food that you will eat for the night.

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